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The Bread for Bread Project is envisioned as a sustainable bread distribution program wherein consumers can purchase nutritious bread and donate at the same time equivalent pieces of nutritious pandesal for school feeding programs.

The pandesal bread recipe was developed by Conrad Manila (a Hilton Hotel) and fortified with Kraft Heinz micronutrient powder will be marketed by Rise Against Hunger Philippines in support school feeding programs. Pandesal is a popular yeast-raised bread in the Philippines. It will be composed of soy flour, malunggay powder, iodized salt and micronutrient powder. The Nutripan (Nutritious Pandesal) will be our own version of the Nutribun. The Nutribun program was implemented in the early 1970s as a supplementary feeding program for public elementary schoolchildren.

The nutripan will be baked and sold at the outlets of RAH, Conrad Manila and other NGOs through its Bread for Bread Program. This means that for every bread sold, another bread will be given to support feeding programs